We have Premium Fig Trees available!!!

Happy Valley Orchard is a licensed, Certified NC Nursery as of April 2020.  We specialize in Premium Fig varieties.  In addition to over 100 types of figs we also grow and provide scion wood and/or trees for other Specialty Fruit Crops like Persimmons, Paw-Paws, Hardy Kiwi, Elderberry, various colors of raspberries and blackberries, red wine Grapes, plus other random fruits and Edible Landscaping.  We were scheduled to have Fig & fruit trees available for sale at your favorite Asheville & surrounding locations but ye 'ol Covid19 sure rained on that parade.  Give us a call of email to discuss purchase and pickup of your choice of Fig.

Some information on Figs:

Not many know that there are 5 Fig flavor profiles- Honey, Sugar, Berry, Adriatic, & Bourdeaux. There is also exotic berry but we won't go there yet...  With over 2,000 types of fig cultivars most have only tried a bland Brown Turkey or tiny Celeste.  Fig fruits come in all different colors, sizes, and tastes!  From huge half pound honey figs, to exotic berry flavors of French & Italians style Bourdeauxs and Sicilian Mt Etna's, Figs are an amazingly healthy food from Biblical times.  Lets enjoy this lost sensation & help it grow!

Figs Types Currently Available to Buy:

*Adriatic - Green outside with bright red inside that tastes of strawberry. 

Green Ischia, Battaglia Green, Panache (striped figs), Adriatic JH

*Sugar - Usually brown or red.  Typicaly amber inside and sweet notes sometimes caramel.

LSU Purple, Improved Celeste, Olympian, Asheville Super Celeste, Asheville English Brown Turkey unk (productive local find)

*Honey - Usually light in color, yellow or green, with light colored inside.

Yellow Long Neck, Lattarula, Atreano, Lyndhurst White, Alma, Kadota

*Bourdeaux - Purple with red inside and very big berry flavors.

Petite Negra, Violette de Bourdeaux, Beer's Black, Nero 600M

*Berry - Black to purple outside with deep red interior.  Tastes of raspberry or strawberry jam.  This category includes the many Italian figs referred to as Mt. Etna Figs.

Scotts's Black, Sal's G, Italian Heritage Family Heirlooms, Hardy Chicago


The Future of Happy Valley Orchard & Farmstead:

While busy as farmers tending to the Orchard during the day, in the morning we have our sleeves rolled up making rustic hearth style Sourdough breads.  Both sweet and savory creations are fermented with Sourdough yeasts for the healthiest, most digestible, and most delicious whole grain breads.  We push the envelope with sweet Sourdoughs including Norwegian waffle, cinna-raisin, chocolate cinnamon babke, French toast, and other sweet concoctions.  Savory breads are traditional or not like rye, spelt, potato, Country, seeded, etc.  Expect sweet breads to be soft and great for breakfast or dessert, while savory breads are used to make our house sandwiches and have a good char from high heat hearth baking.  They'll change you!


After the days work, a house brewed Ale or Lager is an excellent way to kick back by the wood stove or on the deck.  In the next few years, look out for a brick and mortar location to try our Sourdough breads, pizza, and other fermentation creations!  Sorry, no bread or beers available to the public yet, except through bonafide friendships and Happy Valley moments.  Until then we'll be busy baking, brewing and growing.  Cheers to fresh fruit, tasty fermentation's, and a Happy Valley!



Fig trees dormant for their Winter slumber.  They're showing signs of bud break and an early Spring.  Bring on the Breba crop!

828 674 3607 email: happyvalleyenv@gmail.com

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