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Learn to bake healthy Sourdough Bread at Home!

Happy Valley is now providing at home baking classes to help teach you how to live more healthy. We will visit your home kitchen and help teach you to bake your own Sourdough bread.  We use a healthy wild Sourdough starter that helps attenuate the harmful Lectins that trigger gluten allergies/reactions - Sourdough metabolizes Lectins to a point that makes it more digestible. 

​Here is what our at home instruction provides you:

  • A healthy Sourdough yeast starter for you to begin using immediately

  • Four (4) loaves of Sourdough bread ready to eat that same day.

  • The knowledge through personal instruction to continue baking bread on an as needed basis - For the Rest of your Life.  I bake 4 loaves weekly which leaves my family of 4 with enough for sandwiches all week and then some.  I recommend making the most of your ovens heat and not wasting it - you're paying for it!

  • We specialize in all sorts of breads.  Savory sourdough hearth loaves or sweet sourdough breads, freestanding loaves proofed in a banneton, or pan loaves which are perfect for sandwich bread.  We have many options depending on what you're looking for.

  • Pizza classes also available upon request.  Pizza stone required!

  • The entire day will be a six (6) hour experience from the time we mix flour to the time the bread comes out of the oven.

  • Here is a list of potential Sourdough bread types:

    • Savory Loaves - White, wheat, rye, pumpernickel, potato, spelt, semolina, country, casatiello meat & cheese bread

    • Sweet Loaves - Norwegian waffle, French toast, cinnamon raisin, chocolate, babke, the options are endless really...