We are here to help Asheville home buyers know their Underground Storage Tank (UST) liability with an unbiased approach.  Happy Valley does not perform tank removals or soil remediations.  We identify contamination, if it exists, then help to determine the best route for both compliance and protection of human health.  If contamination is found in a Low Risk scenario, we can assist with acquiring a No Further Action letter without remediation and costly cleanups with expedited turnaround times.  If it is High Risk, we can help determine that as well.   

Most people are familiar with the sight of heating oil tank fill and vent pipes.  Most realtors tremble at the very sight of evidence of UST's & heating oil tanks on the property.  Happy Valley Environmental LLC is here to provide cost effective means and expedited turnaround for oil tanks and the associated issues with them.


Risk rankings in North Carolina homeowner UST regulations allow for cost effective approaches with minimal requirements if determined to be Low Risk.  A Notice of Residual Petroleum can allow the issuance of an NFA letter with firm and minimal costs while reducing the timeframe of what was once a lengthy process.  No more unknown, open ended, or unreasonable remedial costs.


Allow us to handle your tank properly and in accordance with the NC requirements.  While relaxed, there are still requirements that need to be met to be in compliance with State regulations.  Documenting the issue is paramount in protecting the health of future occupants.  Hiding contamination is illegal and immoral.  A sub-slab depressurization system (a/k/a Radon Fan) can help to alleviate any potential harmful volatile organic vapor intrusion that could occur from a leaking UST system, and should be considered if leaving fuel impacted soil in place.


Happy Valley Environmental is here to truly provide Tank Closure Without Tears.