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Soil Evaluations in the Asheville area

Happy Valley Orchard & future Farmstead

Happy Valley Orchard became a licensed NC nursery in April 2020, selling fruit trees to the public, but specializing in premium, fresh, ripe, juicy, delicious Figs.  Happy Valley Orchard will one day have a commercial brick and mortar facility for expanding our offering from all the baking, brewing, and growing currently happening at our private residence.  The Happy Valley Farmstead will not be complete until the FIGS and Fermentation's unite.

Imagine Sourdough pizza, deli sandwiches on house Sourdough breads, and on-site brewery operations.  It will all have a home on the Happy Valley Orchard and future Farmstead.  A true working Farm growing specialty fruits and creating scratch items by Sourdough fermentation. Walk the Fig orchard and Orchard fruit trees while having a meal and a pint in beautiful Hominy Valley on route to the Blue Ridge Parkway or Pisgah View State Park. 

Until then, look for us at the Enka-Cander Tailgate Market.  We'll be there offering FRESH FIGS of all Colors!!!

 WARNING: Licensed Soil Scientist growing exotic Figs and Fruits.

UST Heating Oil Tank Inspections via Soil Sampling & Laboratory Analysis
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