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Happy Valley Orchard & Fig Farmstead (dba) is a licensed, Certified NC Nursery as of April 2020.  We specialize in Premium Fig varieties grown in the Mountains just west of Asheville, North Carolina.  Yes, Figs grow here in the Zone 7a Mountains of WNC. 

Some information on Figs:

Not many know that there are 5 Fig flavor profiles- Honey, Sugar, Berry, Adriatic, & Bordeaux. There is also exotic berry but we won't go there yet...  With over 2,000 types of fig cultivars most have only tried a bland Brown Turkey or tiny Celeste.  Fig fruits come in all different colors, sizes, and tastes!  From huge half pound honey figs, to exotic berry flavors of French Bourdeauxs & Italians Mt Etna's, Figs are an amazingly healthy food from Biblical times.  Lets enjoy this lost sensation & help it grow!

Figs Types & Flavor Profiles:

*Adriatic - Green outside with bright red inside that tastes of strawberry, raspberry, or fresh berry jam. 

*Sugar - Usually brown or red.  Typicaly amber inside and sweet notes sometimes caramel, brown sugar, agave, etc.

*Honey - Usually light in color, yellow or green, with light colored inside.  Honey will accumulate inside and be very sweet, hence Honey figs.

*Bordeaux - Purple with red inside and very big berry flavors.  Usually speckled and bursting with intense raspberry jam flavors.

*Berry - Black to purple outside with deep red interior.  Tastes of raspberry or strawberry jam.  This category includes the many Italian figs referred to as Mt. Etna Figs.


*Exotic Berry - these are the cream of the crop and usually the high-end, top dollar varieties.  Black Madeira, Preto, I258, Col de Dame's, etc.


The Future of Happy Valley Orchard & Farmstead:

In April 2020 we became an NC licensed, registered nursery with an FSA Farm Tract#. We specialize in gourmet figs types that you won't find locally.  They are colorful, flavorful varieties of all shapes, sizes, textures and tastes.  Some dwarf, some extremely large, some need lots of heat, while some fruit in the shade and require less heat/sun.  All kinds of Figs you never heard of or knew existed.  Just wait til you taste one of these beauties!  See the SHOP page to see what's available for retail sale.


While we focus heavily on Figs, we also grow quite a few types of Citrus, Blueberries, Hardy Kiwi,  Pawpaws, Persimmons, all types of Cane berries, red wine Grapes, Elderberry, Aronia, as well as a few Peaches and Apples to fill in the gaps. One day we hope to be a Pick Your Own farm accessible to the public.  When the time comes we'll bring our Brewing, Baking, and Growing together under 1 roof, but unfortunately that day is a long ways off so Brew, Bake, and Grow at home until then.

  These ain't your grandma's Figs!!! 


Honey dripping from the eye of the fig indicates it is ready to eat


Citrus Flower clusters smell like Heaven!


New in 2022 - a 48'x15' High Tunnel dedicated to FIGS figs FIGS!!!  Also new for 2022, our first harvest of Citrus has arrived.  We grow Cara-cara, Sumo, Valencia, Robertson Navel, Owari Mandarin Satsuma, Kumquat, Meyer Lemon, Honeybell, Moro Blood, and a Grapefruit (from seed).  The smell of Citrus flowers is simply divine!  And Citrus is hardier than Figs.  Fresh, local, Buncombe grown Citrus will be available in limited quantities someday soon.

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