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Precision Agriculture in Western NC
Edible Landscaping & European Villa Designs & Installations in Asheville Area 

As a Soil Scientist and Orchardist I don't mind taking my knowledge on the road, and after ten years of Edible Landscaping in WNC we've filled up our yard and now we want to help make your yard an Edible Landscaping paradise, too!  Maybe you always wanted your own Mediterranean Fig, Olive or Citrus tropical retreat to bring Europe here to Asheville.  Maybe you want to surround yourself with native pollinators and native fruits.  Whatever your pleasure, we can help make your yard that Villa you've only seen abroad.  We're here to bring it to life so you can graze and reap the benefits of your plantings while providing nature with an abundance as well.  We're growing a number of Hummingbird and Butterfly pollinator plants and flowers that have long bloom times throughout the growing season to extend feed times for pollinator species.  Your home Villa will fruit and flower for years to come! 

Agriculture is complicated.  Running a small farm and plant nursery you run into a lot of problems to diagnose, especially living in Western North Carolina.  I'm happy to be your plant, lawn and garden Consultant.  We grow a wide array of plants on our farm with all organic practices and some old fashioned homestead ingenuity.  We use old fashioned remedies to battle nature instead of harmful chemicals and carcinogens and you can too.  Test your soils for nutrient analysis, necessary fertilizer applications rates, or any other items that might affect your crop and harvest.  Soil is a fickle beast that takes millenium to be created, but only a short period of mismanagement to destroy.

Now Taking Special Orders for Specific  Plant or Flower Requests

Have a recent vacation and need that exotic fragrant smell of Jasmine flowers back in your life?  Love the exotics flowers of a Eurpopean Villa?  So do we!!  We'd be happy to help you turn your yard or home into an oasis full of life with plants.  We also grow plenty of native pollinator friendly plants, too. 

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