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Heating Oil Tank Identification, Inspection and Cost Effective Solutions in the Asheville area

16 years of experience you can trust. Environmental responsibility you’ll respect.

The owner of Happy Valley, Jesse, has made a career in residential Environmental Science and the heating oil industry since graduating Stockton University in 2006.  With expert heating oil tank knowledge and a passion for preserving the integrity of our planet, you can trust us to effectively find the oil tank issues on your Asheville area property and provide a cost effective way to obtain state closure, without digging up your yard.

Prevention is the best cure.

When it comes to buying a new home, sometimes there’s more than meets the eye. Faulty heating oil tanks are often hidden on properties in the Asheville area. Whether you know about them or not, these oil tanks can be an expensive environmental disaster waiting to happen. All houses built before 1980 in the Asheville area likely had an oil tank above or underground.  If underground, it may still be hiding somewhere.

Your local heating oil tank whisperer.

We’ve gained the reputation of being Asheville’s “tank whisperers,” and for a good reason. If there's a heating oil tank hidden on a piece of property, we'll unearth it. And if we find a leak or potential hazard, we will provide a landscape friendly solution. We will decommission your UST the old fashioned way without using heavy machinery making as little impact as possible.  Preserve your hard work and beautiful yard!

Happy Valley Orchard & future Farmstead

Happy Valley Orchard became a licensed NC nursery in April 2020, selling fruit trees to the public and specializing in premium Figs.  As we venture into our last of 3 years toward being a "Beginning Farmer", we look toward the future and a life with our hands in non-contaminated soil.  Happy Valley Orchard will have a commercial brick and mortar facility for all the baking, brewing, and growing currently happening at our private residence.  The Happy Valley Farmstead will not be complete until the Figs and Fermentation's unite on 1 Property.

Imagine Sourdough pizza, deli sandwiches on house Sourdough breads, and on-site brewery operations.  It will all have a home on the Happy Valley Orchard and future Farmstead.  A true working Farm growing specialty fruits and creating scratch items by Sourdough fermentation. Walk the Fig orchard and Orchard fruit trees while having a meal and a pint in beautiful Hominy Valley on route to the Blue Ridge Parkway or Pisgah View State Park. 

Brick and mortar location coming hopefully in 2023!!  Got Land?

After a career in Soil work, we have passed all Examinations for licensing with the  North Carolina Board of Licensed Soil Scientists - NCBLSS - and am awaiting my License. 

Heating Oil Tank Locating Services
UST Heating Oil Tank Inspections via Soil Sampling & Laboratory Analysis
NCDEQ Compliance for Low Risk Sites

Make sure there isn't a heating oil tank hiding on your property. Give Happy Valley Environmental a call today.

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