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Fantastic Fermentations
 Grains & Yeast are Life
I was born in Brooklyn, NY.  After growing up in NJ, I ran far away from the NYC rat race.  What I didn't realize is that I was voluntarily leaving the area of the Country with some of the best breads and pizza.  When we arrived in WNC and found poor access to quality pizza and breads we bought some books written by bread master, Peter Reinhart, and began what was to become an amazing voyage to never buy store-bought bread again.  In August 2017 we purchased our last store bought bread.  Since then the Art of Sourdough has been mastered with a bit of help from the French since French know bread like Belgians knows beer.  Amazing knowledge and history from the old world. Fast forward to today, our sourdough pizza is better than any pizza you have ever eaten and I can easily put a guarantee on it.  Great dough makes great pizza, not lots of toppings.  Our sourdough bread creations range from Savory Sourdough Semolina, Wheat, Whites, Pumpernickel, Ryes, and all flavors your imagination could rouse, while the Sweet creations may include a not-so-typical Cinnamon Raisin, French Toast loaf, Waffle bread, Chocolate Babke, etc.  So many choices and options.  Yesterday a seeded semolina sourdough and tomorrow a glowing orange pumpkin, sweet potato and turmeric bread.  Our seasonal fruits are incorporated into just about everything we make and we grow a Viking boatload of fruits! 

In 2004 I purchased a partial mash Sierra Nevada Pale Ale  clone kit and that was the beginning of the end. After brewing for years in my Mom's kitchen (thanks Mom!), apartments, college dorms, wherever, in 2011 I purchased a couple GIANT steel pots and fabricated myself an All Grain 1 BBL brewing system.  It was nothing pretty but it made a whole lot of beer!  Here we are in 2023, almost 20 years later, we are still making beer at home for $.50 what you buy for exorbitant prices at a local brewery.  IPA's never so fresh and Impy Stouts never so bourbon boozy with no preservatives or filtration.  Dare we say true "Farmhouse Beers" on an actual Farm!

Sorry absolutely NO Breads, Pizza, Beer, or any fermentations' are available at this time.  
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Brew, Bake & Grow it at Home!!  One day our fermentations will have a proper brick & mortar home.

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