Tank Locating Services.  Find that hidden tank.  It's easy to remove the pipes and say the tank was removed.  Discover if the tank was leaking before it was abandoned.  Know your liability.
Tank inspections.  Have the soil around the tank analyzed to determine if there is any leakage.
Tank closures in place.  No need for an excavator or property damage.  We do everyhing manually.  New State regulations do not require tank removal or soil removal.
If leakage is found, we provide a cost effective means for No Further Action letters without the need to dig up your property.  No building additions within 3' of impacted soils and no water supply wells within 150' are the only requirements to avoid a costly soil remediations.
Indoor Air Quality Testing & Assessments.  Analyze your homes indoor air down to the Part Per Billion with a Summa Canister from a Certified Laboratory.  Find out exactly what is in your Indoor Air!
Expedited turnaround for all jobs.  No more waiting at the mercy of your contractor or consultant.

Happy Valley helping with healthier lifestyles.  Check your Indoor Air Quality or take rustic hearth style Sourdough bread baking lessons.  Live healthy, live happy!  Control your exposure and do it deliciously!

828 674 3607 email: happyvalleyenv@gmail.com

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