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Taken from Charlie at Ourfigs:

"Here's the story as related to me by Sister Theda, last Fall while I pruned the tree. It was brought over by the Kumpuris family who migrated from Greece and settled around Little Rock, Arkansas many years ago. The old home with the original tree was sold and cuttings acquired by Sister Theda from Little Rock before the tree was destroyed. She gave Sister Madeline a cutting from it some 20 years ago and she stuck it in the ground where it now is, as was the way she knew to start fig trees.Madeline's Mother was Italian and her father, who I assume was American grew the yellow and dark figs that came from her mother's family in Southern Arkansas while Madeline was a child. Sister Madeline has kept her family trees going there at the Monastery, around the corner from the Green Greek."


This type could be a syn of Vasilika Sika VS from what I have read.  Regardless, it's a delicious Adriatic type that I grow inground.    


This tree is currently dormant and growing in a large tallboy treepot.

Sister Madeleine's Green Greek - SMGG

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